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How can I apply to Ecole Polytechnique?

We ask candidates to apply online on the following link : How to apply

High speed connection is not really necessary. You have to create yourself an
account which will allow you to apply. You will have to fill out several forms of
information. The details of the steps you will have to follow will be given when
you fill out the forms.

What are the conditions to apply to the "Ingenieur Polytechnicien" curriculum?

Ecole Polytechnique admits students, boys and girls, after a very selective
competition. It organizes a special competition for international students who have
a very good level in Science. The international admissions concern candidates
  • Are not French citizens
  • Are under 26 years of age on January 1st of the year of the competition
  •  Must have completed 2 to 3 years of undergraduate studies in Science or in Engineering
  • Meet medical defined criteria of physical condition
  • Have never applied to the Voie 1 of the competition
  • Have never been enrolled in preparatory classes for French Grandes Ecoles, nor in final year of a Master's degree, nor in a French doctoral program.
Candidates cannot apply more than once.
Knowledge of the French language is not required to apply for admission. The full
application process as well as the examinations can be conducted in English.

What information should appear on my statement of purpose?

We would like to know the reasons why you have decided to apply to Ecole
Polytechnique. According to your previous studies and your background, what do
you expect from your studies at Ecole Polytechnique? In which domain do you
plan to major? How does it articulate with the studies you did before?

What is the GPA?

GPA means "Grade Point Average". You are asked to indicate your overall grade
average. You should take all your marks since the beginning of your university studies, put them over 100 and make the average. For instance, if in your
university the grades go from 0 to 5, then 5 corresponds to 100/100, 4 to 80/100, 3
to 60/100, etc. If you didn't study any courses in Physics, write 0.

Do I have the required level to apply?

Application to our entrance exam requires a strong background in Mathematics
and in Physics. You can have a look at the prerequisites on our website: Admission requirements
You can also download examples of problems [PDF - 24 Ko].

Please check that you meet those requirements before applying.

Do my official documents need to be translated?

All official documents (proof of citizenship, diplomas...) must be translated into
French and bear the seal of the authorized translator.

I am applying within the "ParisTech 50 Chinese engineer students" program

No, candidates applying within the ParisTech 50 Chinese engineer students
program don't need to pay the application fee.

I am applying within the ParisTech program, do I need to make two separate applications?

Yes. You need to make two separate applications, one for ParisTech and one for
Ecole Polytechnique. There are two different processes. Our application form is
independent from ParisTech application. We require paper documents so if you
apply to EP you need to send us the paper documents asked in the application
form, separately from ParisTech documents.

How should I deal with the recommendation letters?

The recommendation letters are asked by Ecole polytechnique to the professors you list when
applying (their e-mail address is necessary). As soon as you have made the final
validation of your online application, an e-mail will be issued by our server to
the attention of your referees, asking them to fill an attached form, and to send it
back directly to Ecole Polytechnique. If your professors already gave you their
letters, then you can put them in your application package and send us all the
documents together. In your online application you still have to quote your professors' name and email address so that we can check the information or, in case of need, we send them an email.

What is the cost of the studies at Ecole Polytechnique?

If you want to have an idea of the budget you have to plan to come to EP, you
can connect on the following page: Arrival to the campus

How should I pay the application fee?

Application to International Admissions requires a non refundable application
fee of 100 € in euro funds. Candidates holding a scholarship from their home
university or Government do not pay the application fee. A scholarship certificate
must be enclosed to the application file.
Candidates who are enrolled in a partner university, which has signed a double degree agreement, do not pay the application fees.
The application fee must be paid by bank transfer (bank account number below)
and a proof of payment has to be included in the application file. Cash
or coupons are not accepted.

Bank transfer of the application fee (100 EUR) has to be made to:

Name of the Beneficiary's Banker: TRESORERIE GENERALE DE L'ESSONNE
Address of the Beneficiary's Banker: 27 rue des Mazières 91011 EVRY CEDEX (France)
Name of the Beneficiary: ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE Agence Comptable
Address of the Beneficiary: Route de Saclay - 91128 Palaiseau Cedex (France)
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): FR76-1007-1910-0000-00100000446
BIC (Bank Identifier Code) : BDFEFRPPXXX (Banque de France)