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    Arrival on the campus

    Medical examination

    The medical examination concerns all the candidates on the admission list.
    It is compulsory and takes place at Ecole Polytechnique, under the responsibility of the chief medical officer of the Ecole.

    Students should present themselves to the medical examination with:
    • Questionnaire médico-biographique
    • Physical examination
    • Vaccinations certificate and extra medical examinations
    • The lungs X-ray and the doctor's report
    • for the students who wear spectacles or contact lenses: a document mentioning the correction rate
    • Blood type card, if available
    Students should pay a particular attention to the compulsory vaccinations and extra medical examinations, identified in the certificate, which must be done in their home countries (vaccines are not reimbursed in France).

    Students who have health problems in their home country, should inform Ecole Polytechnique, before their arrival, and provide the following documents :
    • recent medical examination results (x-rays, scans, biological reports)
    • any medical correspondence that may help the physician to evaluate their health.
    Failure to show the medical forms or/and come to the medical examination will be considered as a resignation.

    Arrival at Ecole Polytechnique

    The registration documents which are sent to the students by email, are to be filled out in advance and given back upon the arrival.


    Tuition fees
    International students (from outside the European Union) should pay tuition fees. Tuition and subsistence fees are set each year, but vary slightly. They must be paid on a semester basis.

    During the enrolment, students will have to sign a commitment to pay tuition fees.

     2011-2012 fees  1st year  2nd year  3rd year
     Tuition fees  4010€  12030€  8020€

    Tuition fees include access to athletic facilities, training, teaching books, internet access...

    Other costs
    Accommodation: about 200€ per month, accommodation allowance deducted
    Meals: about 300€ per month.
    Insurance: about 270€ per year.

    Do not forget to plan a budget for personal activities and leisure.

    Financial aid

    Students are encouraged to seek financial aid (scholarships, fellowships, loans, etc.) from foundations and institutions in their home countries.

    Every year the best students are presented to the Eiffel program of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one-third of them obtain an excellence scholarship. A limited number of scholarships covering the tuition fees will be awarded by École Polytechnique. Low-interest loans may be obtained from French banks.

    Ecole Polytechnique will make its best to insure that financial issues will not prevent deserving students from getting into Ecole Polytechnique.

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    Campus life

    The campus of École Polytechnique is located in Palaiseau, about half an hour from the centre of Paris by urban transport. The campus is close to large expressways leading to Paris, and about 15 kilometres (9 miles) from Orly Airport.
    The campus covers 180 hectares (445 acres), of which two thirds is open space. An exceptional variety of outdoor athletic facilities is available, including football and rugby fields, tennis courts, a golf course, an equestrian centre, and a lake with facilities for sailing and rowing.

    All students must live on-campus, in student housing. They have individual rooms. Each room is equipped with a telephone and an Ethernet connection. Living on campus allows students to fully benefit from and contribute to the life of the Ecole.

    Most on-campus cultural activities take place in the evening. A film club meets each week, and the various groups and clubs actively organize shows, concerts, dance and theater performances, and conferences on current topics.
    Most of these activities are open to the public. They draw a significant audience from the surrounding communities. These activities supplement the rich variety that is available in Paris.
    Two particularly active events of the year are the campaign which precedes the election of the student council "Campagne KES", and the Point Gamma, a large student festival in June.

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    The following web sites will help you to prepare your arrival in France:
    > CNOUS (National Student Life Office)
    > EGIDE - International Student Guide