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    Internship Program for International Students


    • To help researchers from Ecole Polytechnique to host international interns at the highest level in their field
    • To give international students from Partner Institutions the opportunity to discover Ecole Polytechnique and the desire to come back to Ecole Polytechnique for a Master, a PhD or a Postdoctoral position.
    • To initiate and nurture partnerships with leading universities in the world

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    Partner Institutions

    A Partner Institution is a foreign university or research institute with which Ecole Polytechnique has developed a partnership in the framework of the Internship Program. The list of Partner Institutions for this Program is a limited list based on the whole list of Ecole Polytechnique Partners.

    The Partner Institution nominates a professor or a staff member as a local contact for this Program. This contact person manages all the aspects of this Program at the local level: informing students and faculty members in his/her institution/department about the Program, forwarding the internship subjects and selecting internship candidates.

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    Call for Internship Subjects

    In autumn, a first call for internship subjects is sent out to research teams at Ecole Polytechnique willing to host an international intern in the Spring or Summer (between April and September).

    Based on the interest from the laboratories, a second call for internship subjects could take place in the Spring for internships in the Fall.

    Researchers willing to offer an internship subject can fill out the following form [DOC - 74 Ko] and send it by e-mail to the Vice Presidency for International Relations.

    Deadline to submit subjects for internships taking place between April and September 2015: November 21, 2014

    The Internship subject for the year 2015 will be available on-line starting from December 2014. Internship subjects proposed by the laboratories for the year 2014 are presently available on the page Internship Subjects.

    Deadline for student applications : 12 January 2015, more information on the page Application forms.

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    Financial Support & Accommodation

    Depending on the terms of the partnership between Ecole Polytechnique and the student's Home Institution, the financial support for the internship will be provided by the Home University, by Ecole Polytechnique through the Vice Presidency for International Relations or through other sources of funding.

    For interns receiving financial support from Ecole Polytechnique, a monthly stipend ranging from 450 € to 700 €, depending on the level of the student and its country of origin, will be provided to cover accommodation, meals and personal expenses. This stipend includes health coverage. For some countries, the roundtrip airfare could be covered by the Program in the form of a flat amount.

    Interns admitted in the Program will benefit from the assistance of the Vice Presidency for International Relations to obtain when required a Visa, a Residency Permit ("Carte de Séjour") and accommodation on campus in the limits of student dorm rooms reserved for the Program.

    Interns fully funded by the host laboratory could benefit from these services if the Vice Presidency for International Relations is informed at the latest 3 months before the beginning of the internship.

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    For further information :
    Dr. Elena Murè
    International Exchange Program Office
    École Polytechnique
    Vice-Presidency for External Relations

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