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    Internship subjects_Dec2013

    An updated list of the internship subjects for the year 2015 will be available in the autumn 2014.

    A description of research activities at Ecole Polytechnique is available on the Page Research or at Research center.

    List of Internship Subjects for the year 2014 (for more details, click on the subject of the internship)

     Number Host laboratory   Research Group Internship Supervisor  Subject 
    BIOC1 BIOC Pierre Plateau's reserach group  Cédric Norais Acquisition by bacteria of immunity targeted against their infectious agents
    [PDF - 115 Ko]
    BIOC2 BIOC Pierre Plateau's reserach group Myriam Lazard Toxicity mechanisms of organic selenium [PDF - 102 Ko]
    CPHT1 CPHT Physique des Particules Cyrille Marquet Theoretical formulation of observables sensitive to non-linear QCD effects at hadron colliders [PDF - 100 Ko]
    DCMR1 DCMR Modeling, Spectroscopy and Thermochemistry Carine Clavaguéra Electronic and magnetic properties in lanthanide compounds by theoretical chemistry [PDF - 175 Ko]
    DCMR2 DCMR Modeling, Spectroscopy and Thermochemistry Gilles Frison Computational chemistry [PDF - 64 Ko]
    DCPH1 DCPH Modeling, Spectroscopy and Thermochemistry Grégory Nocton Electron Transfer in Lanthanides Complexes: Making and Studying Organometallic Molecules [PDF - 118 Ko]
    DCSO1 DCSO Gold Chemistry Group  Fabien Gagosz Gold catalysis
    [PDF - 101 Ko]
    DCSO2 DCSO Organometallic chemistry of titanium Yvan Six   Novel synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles from aminocyclopropanes [PDF - 114 Ko]
    LADHYX1 LADHYX  Cardiovascular Bioengineering  Abdul Barakat Biofluid mechanics and cardiovascular cellular engineering [PDF - 110 Ko]
    LADHYX2 LADHYX Fluid-Structure Interactions  Xavier Amandolese Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, flapping flight
    [PDF - 110 Ko]
    LADHYX3 LADHYX Cardiovascular Cellular Engineering  Julien Husson Electron Transfer in Mechanical aspects of phagocytosis
    [PDF - 115 Ko]
    LIX1 LIX AMIB  Mireille Régnier Searching for motifs in circular RNA 
    [PDF - 105 Ko]
    LIX2 LIX AMIB  Mireille Régnier Searching for repeated sequences in genomic sequences 
    [PDF - 104 Ko]
    LLR1 LLR HARPO  Denis Bernard et Philippe Gros Performance study of the HARPO detector through simulations
    [PDF - 42 Ko]
    LLR2 LLR  ILC Vincent Boudry Imaging Calorimeters Performances [PDF - 65 Ko]
    LLR3 LLR CMS Alexandre Zabi Development of tau lepton selection techniques for the Higgs boson at CMS [PDF - 78 Ko]
    LMS1 LMS Structures Kostas Danas Failure of Dual Phase Steels [PDF - 99 Ko]
    LMS2 LMS Structures Andrei Constantinescu Table top Electric Impedance Tomography [PDF - 103 Ko]
    LPP1 LPP Low Temperature Plasma Jean-Paul Booth Laser diagnostics of low-pressure plasmas in halogen plasmas [PDF - 210 Ko]
    LPP2 LPP Low Temperature Plasma Svetlana Starikovskaia Spectroscopical time-resolved study of nanosecond discharges [PDF - 112 Ko]
    LSI1 LSI Superconductivity and sensors Marcin Konczykowski Disorder effects in topological insulators [PDF - 114 Ko]
    LSI2 LSI Superconductivity and sensors Travis Wade Structural and electronic properties of electrodeposited topological insulator nanowires [PDF - 114 Ko]
    LSI3 LSI Theory in materials science J. Sjakste et
    N. Vast
    Theoretical and numerical study of hot electron relaxation due to electron-phonon coupling in InP [PDF - 106 Ko]
    LSI4 LSI Theory in materials science N. Vast Theoretical study of surface plasmons [PDF - 107 Ko]

    For further information :

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    International Exchange Program Office
    École Polytechnique
    Vice-Presidency for External Relations

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