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    Internship subjects 2016

    A description of research activities at Ecole Polytechnique is available at Research center.

    Internship subjects - 2016

    Area Internship Title Internship Supervisor Code
    Biology Biochemical and structural studies of protein complexes
    involved in mRNA translation and degradation
     Marc Graille BIOC 01
    Chemistry Modelling ionic chemistry in atmospheric droplets Carine Clavaguéra LCM 01
    Chemistry Spectroscopy, non covalent interactions and modeling (SIM) Gilles Frison LCM 02
    Chemistry  Study of a novel copper- or zinc- mediated
    intramolecular cyclopropanation of thioamides
    Yvan Six LSO 01
    Chemistry  Gold catalysis Fabien Gagosz LSO 02
    Economics Experimental Economics Guillaume Hollard EXCESS 01
     Informatics Assembly of sequences with repeats Mireille Régnier LIX 01
     Informatics Protection of private information Catuscia Palamidessi
    Kostas Chatzikokolakis
    LIX 02
     Imaging with Interior Transmission Eigenvalue
    Houssem Haddar
    Lorenzo Audibert
     CMAP 01
    Tomography and Radon transforms Roman Novikov CMAP 02
     Mechanics  Biofluid mechanics and cardiovascular cellular engineering  Abdul Barakat LADHYX 01
     Mechanics Phoretic self-propulsion and pumping Sébastien Michelin LADHYX 02
     Physics Theoretical formulation of observables sensitive
    to non-linear QCD effects at hadron colliders
     Cyrille Marquet  CPHT 01
     Physics  Gamma-ray analysis of TeV blazars  Deirdre Horan  LLR 01
     Physics Denis Bernard LLR 02


    Area Internship Title Internship Supervisor Code
     Physics  Gilles Grasseau  LLR 03
     Physics Tracking in imaging calorimeters  Vincent Boudry  LLR 04
     Physics  Self-Aggregation of convection, cyclogenesis and global warming  Thomas Dubos
     Caroline Muller
     Sandrine Bony
     LMD 01
     Physics Dynamical analysis of coastal eddies
    generated by wind forcing in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
     Alexandre Stegner  LMD 02
     Physics  Selective Carbon Nanotube Based Ohmic Sensors
    for Hypochlorite detection: fabrication and characterization
     Bérengère Lebental  LPICM 01
     Physics  Near-field Raman spectroscopy and
    applications to nanotechnology
     Razvigor Ossikovski  LPICM 02
     Physics  Atmospheric pressure nanosecond microplasma
    for bio scaffold treatment
     Svetlana Starikovskaia  LPP 01
     Physics  Caracterisation of point defects
    in densified silica glasses by high pressure
     Nadège Ollier  LSI 01
     Physics  Magnetic dopants in topological insulators  Marcin Konzcykoski  LSI 02
     Physics Theoretical study of Raman spectra of boron carbide B4C  Nathalie Vast  LSI 03
     Physics Theoretical study of hot electron relaxation due
    to electron-phonon coupling in bismuth
     Nathalie Vast  LSI 04
     Physics Matter under extreme conditions:
    quantum mechanical effects in atomic radiation
     Frank B. Rosmej  LULI 01
     Physics  Modeling of dendritic growth with the phase-field method  Mathis Plapp  PMC 01
     Physics Study of the mechanisms at the origin of efficiency droop
    in GaN LEDs by low energy electron emission spectroscopy
     Jacques Peretti  PMC 02

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