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About Ecole Polytechnique

A school faced toward the future

École Polytechnique is a world-class educational and research establishment, conveying a culture of excellence with a strong scientific leaning in the great Humanist tradition.

Its aim is to take its reputation for excellence into the international sector, and to be recognised as one of the leading teaching and research establishments (Times ranking) in the world. 

Through its three training cycles - Engineering, masters and doctorate - Ecole Polytechnique trains responsible men and women who are capable of designing and leading complex, innovative activities, to meet the challenges facing our 21st Century society.

In this context, École Polytechnique's Research Centre aims to study all the great scientific questions on the frontiers of knowledge, and create an environment that encourages innovation. 

École Polytechnique is a member of the ParisTech Research and Higher Education Cluster (PRES), which brings together 12 Grandes Ecoles in Paris to promote their excellence at an international level. École Polytechnique is a member of the Plateau de Saclay Scientific Cooperation Foundation (FCS) which is leading the Saclay campus project with 20 other academic and scientific partners including ParisTech.

A leader

For over 200 years, École Polytechnique has been a leader among the French engineering grandes écoles.  This leadership is due to the quality of our students, lecturers and researchers and to our single, firm objective of providing  a very high level, multi-disciplinary, scientific and human education.

École Polytechnique offers:

3 Training cycles:

  • Polytechnician cycle: selective competitive entry procedure, 4 years' training, a broad choice of scientific disciplines, experimental research, a humanist approach and an introduction to the enterprise culture, creativity and spirit.
  • Masters: a 2-year program, 27 specialties since 2001, partnerships with the grandes écoles' and Ile de France universities and Research Centre expertise.
  • Doctoral School: 572 doctoral students, including 40% foreign students, partnerships with companies and a Research Centre with 21 laboratories

Research Centre:

  • 21 laboratories for physics, chemistry, mechanics, biology, information technology, mathematics and economics
  • 8 major areas of expertise: modelling and simulation, energy and the environment, biosciences, molecular engineering, drainage and turbulence, materials, instrumentation, organisations, innovation and markets

Promoting innovation

  • A development unit: industrial partnerships, lodging patents, technology transfer, business start-up...
  • A company nursery with 7 young start-up companies
  • 15 lecturing and research chairs in partnership with businesses 
  • Joint research teams with our partners, e.g. the Nano PV signature with the interface and thin layer physics laboratory (PICM) and Total, in the field of photo-voltaic energy.



3000 students
  • 2000 polytechnic engineers - 20% international
  • 430 masters students - 60% international
  • 575 doctoral students - 40% international
670 lecturers-researchers
  • 20% international lecturers
  • 6 members of the Académie des sciences
  • 27 masters disciplines
  • 10 teaching and research departments


1608 people working in the Research Centre
  • 981 of which are researchers
  • 572 PhDs
  • 21 laboratories
  • 22.5 M€ in research contracts
  • Over 1250 publications a year


  • 181 agreements with foreign universities
  • 786 international students
  • 65 nationalities

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